Oh. Hi.

So I have all these things I want to write about...but nothing comes. I have five or six posts started, things I want to chat about or am angsty about or think are funny; but, something stops me from finishing them or hitting publish. There are other things I'm finding myself postponing or avoiding. Nothing earth-shattering...I'm paying bills and feeding my kids and working...but other things, not … [Read more...]

The Dark and Silent Type

Dark and Silence. Do you have either? I don't. The only time I am in complete darkness is when the lights go out at my office. Because there are no windows, the office is completely dark if all the power goes off. I am always shocked at how disorienting it is to be in complete darkness. And silence? I definitely don't experience that. Again, the time when I have the most silence in my normal life … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas: Sweetest Big Brother Ever Edition

Both the boys are getting over having been sick for a couple of weeks (not sequentially, but with some overlap). Basically, our home had the plague for a couple of weeks. N first got sick with an asthma flair up and that was the first part of the sweetest-big-brother-ever conversation. Nicholas came in to our room at 5:00 in the morning having a very hard time breathing so we ran to his room to … [Read more...]