Welcoming Lemmon

William and I are dog people and we want the boys to grow up with a dog. We each lost our previous dogs around the same time. William had had Walter for several years, and even though she wasn't living with him at the  time she had to be put down, it was very hard for him when she died. She was supposed to be the ring bearer in our wedding. Walter (a Mastiff) got her name because when William … [Read more...]

Conversations With Tobin: Hero Edition

Tobin is obsessed with Heroes right now. A Hero is anything from comic-book and movie characters to one of the boys' action figures (even the bad guys). The other night, while I was snuggling with him in bed, we had the following conversation: Tobin: Where's my hero? Me:We had to put him away, you couldn't sleep with him, or he would poke you. Tobin: I like my hero. Me: I know, you … [Read more...]

Raising Boys With Respect, Honor and Love

I've been thinking a lot lately about raising boys with respect, both mine toward them and theirs toward everyone else and themselves. I've been thinking about it, partly, because I know someone who is coming to terms with having a boy instead of the girl she really wanted. I will admit that I fully expected to have daughters, and was surprised when I didn't. With Nicholas, I was surprised because … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Saturday: Picking Baby’s Name

This layout may end up being one of my favorites in Tobin's first year book. And it doesn't even have a picture of him on it! It chronicles, briefly, the road to choosing Tobin's name (the story makes me smile every time I think of it). It also features photos of my paternal grandfather and William's paternal grandfather, both of whom were awesome men. The idea for this layout is a total … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: Parenting Advice Edition

William and I alternate nights for taking the boys to sleep. William is much faster than I am, but I get better snuggles. Recently, Nicholas was really tired and wanted Tobin to go to sleep (like, Daddy fast), and he didn't think I was doing a great job getting T to be quiet. And so, the following conversation took place: Nicholas: Mommy, Tobin really needs to go to sleep. Me: I know, babe, … [Read more...]