William Makes Father’s Day

Father's Day wasn't, traditionally, a big holiday for me. I haven't seen or spoken to my own father since I was 11. My wonderful Uncle David served as a surrogate father throughout my life, but I always knew he was borrowed from my cousin, Heather (although neither of them ever made me feel that way). Mark's Dad got Father's Day cards and meals from us, but Mark only got one of the special days … [Read more...]

Tobin The Unintentional Vegetarian

For several months, Tobin has been in a phase where he doesn't love meat. The boy can find the meat in any meal, it's actually pretty impressive. Casserole with meat in it? He'll eat every bite...and leave neat piles of meat on the plate. Chicken, beef, fish, pork, it doesn't really matter. He seems to dislike them all equally. We make sure he gets protein other ways and he'll eat vegetables … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Saturday: Pregnant Belly & Meeting Little Brother

Happy National Scrapbook Day! This isn't really a post about that, but I thought I'd wish you all a good one on our national holiday :) I'm slowly making progress on Tobin's first year book. Here are a couple of layouts I've finished that I wanted to share because of some details. The Expanding layout I like for a couple of reasons: (1) The extra spacing between the letters of the title … [Read more...]

Birthday Recap: 37 Is Awesome

I had a seriously great birthday week this year, y'all. There were so many birthday wishes, so many friends to celebrate with, so much love. I get to read Jenny's words and I got to commission art from Robin. I had dinner with my best boys, I celebrated two days in a row with my work family (my birthday and my awesome friend, Katy's, birthday are next to each other). I got surprise birthday wishes … [Read more...]

My Little Four Eyes

Tobin had a great check up for his 18 month appointment in September, and then, two weeks later, I looked down at him and his right eye is crossed. Like, overnight, his eye was crossed. After a week or so (and asking other people if they saw it to make sure I wasn't crazy) we took him back to the pediatrician. Even she was surprised because she had just seen him. We left her office with a referral … [Read more...]