Our Hand-Crafted Wedding

I love weddings where you can see the couple in every touch. Where there isn't anything that doesn't have their stamp on it. I also love handmade things and I love Etsy. Having access to talented people all over the world with just a few keystrokes has changed the way I buy artsy fartsy items. I am also lucky to have crafty friends and family! I knew when we started planning our wedding that … [Read more...]

Responsibility Is Hot

I watched William drive away this morning, on his way to Denver for a job interview. The drive is 18 hours each way and he'll be gone 4 nights. We've been apart before, but not for that length of time, and it's making me think. When we've been apart before, we only had Nicholas and he was already a bit older. Now, with Tobin, it reminds me of how my life was in the year after Mark died and … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, William

This week has been a little crazy, and it's not over yet. But, I couldn't let the day end without wishing William a happy birthday. I sometimes forget that William and I have only been together three years. It seems that he's always been in my heart and my life. I have never been more myself than I am with him. William challenges me without making me angry. William laughs at me and doesn't let … [Read more...]