He Balances Me

I'm constantly amazed at how balanced my life is because of William. How balanced I am. When I am anxious, he talks me down. When I am angry, he makes me laugh. When I take myself too seriously, he lightens the load. When I am sad about Mark, he lets me be sad, but doesn't let me accept guilt. When I want to make impulsive decisions, he injects some practicality. When I'm too … [Read more...]

She Slips Away

She is slipping away from us. Losing words, forgetting sentences, misplacing objects. She's in her early 60s and has always been one of the sharpest people I've known. She has lived all over the world, first as a Marine and then working for the Department of Defense. She loved new places, made friends easily (kept them for life), and excelled at her work. Then, a few years ago, she started … [Read more...]